Upscaling Opportunities

Upscale Carbon is part of an ‘Upscale Group’, which consists of a series of partnerships and investment funds managed by one of Upscale Carbon’s partnership companies, Upscale Funds Management.


The investment funds were developed to buy property with the aim to ‘upscale’ them using various income streams.

Some of the income streams are listed below:

  • Carbon farming (vegetation, fire, soil, herd methodology
  • Carbon credit holding and trading (financial advice, management of portfolio risk etc)
  • Biodiversity/koala offset income streams 
  • Great Barrier Reef catchment ‘Reef Credits’ (reduction of
    nitrogen/sediment loss)
  • Renewable energy opportunities/credits
  • Ecotourism opportunities.

A great example of what we do can be found at our sister site Upscale Funds Management.

To find out more about what we can do for you, please contact us via the link below.