What do we offer?

We now have a portfolio of clients that we help in various ways:




Our approach is a steady as she goes type of one.  We want to make sure you get to know us and trust us before we enter into a long term agreement.  We want to make sure that a carbon project is right for you, that we can work together, and importantly that your property can support a project.


Our process is to: do an initial desktop based satellite imagery report (at no cost and no obligation) to determine if a project is economic and possible.  If it is, we will come to you and talk to you about carbon – answer your questions and talk you through the mechanics of a project.  Then if it looks like it has legs, we will come back with an ecologist and ground truth the initial satellite imagery to validate the numbers and project. 


We will then provide a report to you, and if you agree – we will look to enter into a contract with you and develop a carbon project.  Once we take that step there are lots of things involved including project registration, consents from relevant stakeholders, stratification and ongoing monitoring.

Resource Companies and Intensive Protein Producers


We have a range of client who are concerned about their own carbon footprint and want to understand how they can use their land better to help offset any carbon footprint that they might have.  Whilst we do not have the expertise to undertake an emissions footprint assessment of your operations, we certainly know people who can.


We have a range of options, but generally find that a retainer for a defined period is a good solution as it allows us to be your inhouse carbon adviser.  This also allow you access to our board when needed so that you can understand the intricacies of the carbon market, and receive expert advice on future factors, global markets, and price forecasts.  Once engaged, we can undertake an assessment of all land to determine what you might be able to develop in terms of a carbon project.  If relevant to you, we can use our extensive experience in landholder management to provide market leading solutions with any landholders where you may wish to develop your resource.

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