Why Choose Upscale Carbon

Like a lot of good businesses, the team behind Upscale Carbon saw a system that was not treating landholders, and rural communities in the way they should be. Out of frustration – great businesses are born.


You see the team behind Upscale Carbon also have a range of property trust assets (see www.upscalefarmlandfunds.com.au) where they invest in agricultural land and “upscale” it to look at other diversifying income streams including carbon, koala offsets, biodiversity offsets, etc. When working with some of the more traditional carbon developers we saw that there was a need to:

  • Give landholders the Australian Carbon Credit Units, rather than just a cheque at whatever price could be achieved
  • Really talk to the landholder (as they know the land and country far better than us) to understand how they operate their business, and how it might run in conjunction with a carbon credit project.

You see – carbon is now a commodity. The landholder should be free to sell by a forward contract if they want to be more certain of a long term income stream, sell on the spot market, hold them for their own carbon offset needs, and hold them on their balance sheet so that they can sell them when deeded and when the price is right. As a landholder – we think it is non-negotiable that you keep the credits that are created on your land.


The team at Upscale Carbon have carbon projects on their own land. We understand that you can have a traditional grazing enterprise and have a carbon project in parallel. Our head office is based in Chinchilla (with another office in Toowoomba) and we live and work in rural and regional Australia….. in fact we are the only Australian owned  regionally based carbon developer. We believe in rural and regional communities and to that end we are not interested in the old adage of establishing a carbon project and then its “lock up and leave”. We want people in rural and regional communities. We want the bush to keep producing the best beef in the world.


Upscale Carbon Pty Ltd (ABN 98 648 645 425, AFS Representative No. 001299682), is a Corporate Authorised Representative of True Oak Investments Ltd (ABN 81 002 558 956, AFSL 238184).