Carbon for the Resources Industry

Carbon for the Resources Industry


Upscale Carbon works with the Resource Industry to assist them in coming up with solutions for their specific needs.  


Some examples of projects we have worked on include:


  • Undertaking assessments of affected landowners properties to ascertain whether they have the potential of a carbon project.  If so, the company can look to work with the landholder to develop a project, and perhaps even provide carbon credits back to the company.  A great example of improving social license, developing great landholder relationships, and allows your landholder to increase and diversify their income.
  • We work with companies to develop carbon projects on excess land which allows them to use ACCU’s created to offset their carbon footprint.

*Please note that carbon/reef credit and biodiversity potential will vary depending on current management, project size, annual rainfall and geographical location.

Upscale Carbon is a carbon & farmland asset management company.