Carbon Investment For Landholders

What’s Involved in Implementing a Carbon Project?


To start, you need to have an assessment on what methodology best suits your project or land type:


  • Vegetation Regeneration
  • Savannah Burning
  • Reef Credits
  • Herd Management
  • Avoided Clearing/Deforestation
  • Biodiversity offsets
  •  Soil Carbon.

You will then need to understand your project’s ‘carbon potential’ and ‘change of management strategy’ for eligibility through further assessment.

Some examples of changes in management to land include:


  • Exclusion fencing for vegetation protection
  • Rotational/planned grazing
  • Fencing off high value ecological areas (such as creeks and rivers)
  • Multi-species pasture cropping
  • Better fire regime planning
  • Improved fencing and water infrastructure

*Please note that carbon/reef credit and biodiversity potential will vary depending on current management, project size, annual rainfall and geographical location.

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