Carbon for Intensive Protein Producers

Carbon for Intensive Protein Producers. 


It is no secret that supermarket chains, and consumers generally are increasingly looking to their supply chain to understand their carbon footprint, and importantly put in place measure to become carbon neutral.  Most supermarket chains have already started discussion with their major suppliers to this effect and some have placed time frames on their suppliers to have their plans in place failing which they may not be able to continue to supply. 


Upscale Carbon is the carbon developer of choice for our clients.  We work with intensive protein producers to analyse their current landholdings, and develop a suite of options to allow them to develop their own carbon projects, investigate new property purchases to better understand carbon potential, or provide innovative solutions to provide carbon offsets

*Please note that carbon/reef credit and biodiversity potential will vary depending on current management, project size, annual rainfall and geographical location.

Upscale Carbon is a carbon & farmland asset management company.