Savanna Burning

Savanna Fire Management Methodology

Sequestration and Emissions Avoidance


The 2019/2020 Australian bushfires devastated communities and ecological habitat across Australia. Through avoiding the catastrophic destruction of vegetation using better fire management methods, carbon emissions can either be avoided or sequestered to accumulate carbon credits.


After a baseline assessment of the project is undertaken, a change of management is required to achieve ‘cooler’ and less intensive carbon emitting burns. This aims to improve both ecological health of the land, agricultural productivity and an accumulation of carbon credits.


Some examples of the change of management on a project could include:


  • Mosaic burning patterns
  • Cool burns within the specified time frame (winter months)
  •  Annual planned burning regime

Please note that to be eligible for this methodology the project will need to meet the annual total rainfall requirements outlined (methodology applies for northern parts of Australia).

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