Legislative Requirements


Carbon Project Legislative Requirements

At this given time, the Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) is the
most reliable and scientifically credible carbon credit available to
the public and industry.


This is a highly regulated financial product that has an associated environmental value attached (1tonne CO2 equivalent sequestered/avoided = 1 carbon credit).


Eligible carbon projects will be submitted for registration by
Upscale Carbon to the Clean Energy Regulator through the
Emissions Reduction or Land Restoration Fund/s (ERF/LRF).

If accepted, the project will either be implemented for a period of 25 or 100 years for long term carbon abatement potential.


Over the entire life of the project there will be a total of 3 third party audits and annual/biannual monitoring by a suitably qualified person or team.


The carbon credits accumulated over the life of the project will be delivered to the project owners to either hold or sell. Upscale Carbon follows the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct along with all other relevant guidelines.


Carbon Project Life Cycle – Diagram sourced from the Clean Energy Regulator

Please note that Upscale Carbon currently submits projects under the Emissions Reduction Fund (Clean Energy Regulator).

Upscale Carbon is a carbon & farmland asset management company.