Corporate Partnerships

Upscale Carbon (UC) chooses to align itself with experienced companies.


The main partnership Upscale Carbon have that work on a contract basis is the Market Advisory Group (

Coung Tran (General Manager – Market Advisory Group)


Coung Tran is the General Manager for Market Advisory group. Specialising in bushfire management, fire ecology and behavior, Cuong has a broad knowledge about the interactions between fire and ecology.


Cuong has over 15 years experience in environmental roles and is an accomplished manager in both Carbon and Environmental markets 

Market Advisory Group (MAG) is an Australian based, specialist carbon and environment consultancy. ​MAG was founded in 2018 with a strategic focus, to help develop and facilitate the growth of the Australian carbon market. ​

The MAG team are the leading expert and independent advisors in Australia’s carbon market. We are environmental and resource industry professionals who approach carbon in the same way as any other commodity. We have brought together an unparalleled team of professionals with collectively over 50 years’ experience in the carbon industry.

Market Advisory Group (MAG)