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Carbon for the Resources Industry

Carbon for the Resources Industry

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Some quick carbon farming facts

Millions of hectares have been restored in Australia through the carbon farming industry, making it the world’s largest regeneration project in history.

Carbon projects help to ‘drawdown’ or mine the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere causing climate change and store it safely as carbon through the regeneration of our forests, oceans and soils using different scientific methodologies.

Country is managed throughout the life of the carbon project by the landowner.

The Benefits of Carbon Farming.

Ever wondered what happens when you voluntarily pay for your carbon offset (costing up to approximately $6.00) on a commercial flight? Most people I have met generally think it is an extra ‘tax’ that gets lost in the ‘carbon atmospheric gold mine’ to go towards ‘the non-existent climate crisis’. Well, I’m not here to argue climate science, this article will go into solutions mode and carbon farming can provide a big one to our economy, society AND environment, regardless of your climate change beliefs.

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